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Christmas 2017, by Sienna

First of all, at 5 o'clock in the morning Thomas and I woke up to try and open presents. Mum and Dad sent us back to our rooms because they didn't want to see us before 6am. Hmmphf. Thomas and I sat for one hour with Thomas' digital clock waiting for the time to change to 6 o'clock. Thomas snuck upstairs and saw one of his presents was a little bit open and saw the word 'Razor'. Bang on 6:01, Thomas and I raced upstairs to open our presents.

Thomas got one set of Ninjago Lego, a mind craft pick-axe, a beyblade sword launcher, two beyblades and a razor scooter from Santa. I got a camera (you can see my photos below), a Wonder Woman and her horse, one beyblade and launcher, a sewing machine and cute little puppy. Mum and Dad gave Thomas and I a table soccer game that can also convert to slide hockey and ping-pong.

After all the present opening we went to Nan and Pa's for lunch. Here are all the people at lunch:

* Nan and Pa

* Great Nan and Great Poppy

* Uncle Denis , Aunty Pam, David, Emma and Emma's boyfriend, Kyle

* Uncle Greg and Kim

* Mum, Dad, Thomas and me

After lunch Alyssa and Aiden arrived and we opened LOTS OF PRESENTS! There were too many presents so I am not going to list them all. Uncle Ray, Aunty Jan and Tanya arrived for dinner. For dinner we had prawns and ham.

After Christmas we went to Canberra to see Granny Catherine, Grandpa Les, Zan, Ever, Dax, Uncle Tim and Aunty Liz. We played Putt Putt Golf and went to the water park near the lake. We had dinner at Granny and Grandpa's house and opened MORE PRESENTS! It was really fun to play with my cousins.

We drove from Canberra to Sydney so that we could get a plane to Cairns. We are now in Cairns where it is really warm. We swim in the pool many times every day. There is a crocodile in Deadman's Gully, so we have to be careful. We went to Palm Cove to watch the fireworks on New Years Eve. It was beautiful.

I hope you like my photos.



Christmas Day

Toys & Boxing Day

Visiting Granny & Grandpa in Canberra

Arriving into Clifton Beach, FNQ

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