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Crossing into Victoria, we checked into the Foreshore Park at Mallacoota. The staff at the caravan park were evidently fed up with encountering pesky paying customers and had erected a sign at the front counter that read 'THERE ARE NO POWERED SITES AVAILABLE TONIGHT!'. Love a good 'caps lock' sign. Apparently, this was 'THE' fishing weekend in Mallacoota. So, it would be just us and about 700 mad-keen fisher-people.

However, with solar power we could escape the chaos and camp at the far end of the park just above the beach. It was a great spot - complete with plenty of dirt for Thomas to dig in and trees to climb.

Having charged up and down the beach all afternoon, the kids collapsed into bed and we settled in for a quiet drink. But our peace was short lived, with loud aggressive growling coming out of the bush. It sounded like a pig but we quickly convinced ourselves it was most likely a prank of a nearby grey nomad. The next morning, the mystery was solved as we spotted two huge koalas in the tree above!

The good weather gave way to a rainy afternoon - so out came the craft box. Later we headed off in search of a dirt track and discovered Secret Beach - where the sun broke through for half an hour and we were able to capture some of the amazing rock formations & giant kelp that had washed ashore.

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